Tumble N’ Dots is a dynamic pediatric Occupational Therapy clinic that has been servicing children in and around Orange County since 2008.

We cater to the needs of children primarily from pre-school to 14 years of age with a wide range of neurological, biological, and developmental disabilities. We specialize and have earned recognition for our treatment of children with ADD/ADHD, Sensory Processing Dysfunctions (SPD), and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.


Our clinic provides a multitude of treatment modalities including fine and gross motor therapy, handwriting programs, sensory based therapy, movement based social skill groups, and creative arts group classes.

Advanced assessment tools, observations in multiple settings, and parents interviews are used to evaluate your child’s level or performance and skills. We use the results of our assessments to build an individualized program that supports your child’s needs and provide the family with strategies that can be done at home and in the community.

Our goal is to help with your child’s developmental needs and support families and caregivers by providing consultation and resources. Every treatment session is designed to meet the individual needs of your child and to ensure that he/she meets his/her maximum potential.

At Tumble N’ Dots, your child becomes our child and their success is our success. We take pride in offering a nurturing and caring environment where you and your child will feel safe and secure to explore, take risks, and overcome challenges.

We believe in collaborating with your child’s teachers, pediatrician, and other professionals to ensure the best integrated care.