Evaluations and Consultations

Whether your child was already referred to a pediatric occupational therapist by a physician or you are wondering if occupational therapy is right for your child, an observation and evaluation of the background, developmental, and environment of the child helps to determine what is the best course of action.

OT Evaluations

Occupational therapy evaluations are individually planned to meet the needs of the child. As caregivers, you will be the initial source of information regarding your child’s development and the nature of the concerns, which led to the occupational therapy referral.

Pediatric occupational therapy evaluations include about three hours of testing and/or direct observation with your child.

Depending on the concern, the observation can be conducted at the clinic, school, or home. The test scores and observations are interpreted within the context of the initial concerns and the information gathered about the child’s functioning in other developmental areas.

After the necessary information has been gathered, a comprehensive evaluation report is written, and a consultation conference is scheduled to discuss the findings and recommendations with you.

Evaluation and Consulation Services 

At Tumble N’ Dots, we offer the following evaluation and consultation services:

  • Preliminary Screening (schedule here)
  • Parent Consultation
  • Comprehensive Evaluation with Written Report & 45-minute conference (includes Gross and Fine Motor Development, Sensory Processing, parents or caregivers interview, and a home/school visit)
  • Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT) (includes a home/school visit)
  • Sensory Intake with written recommendations and consultation (includes a home/school visit)
  • School Visits / IEP (Individualized Education Program) / Home Visits
  • Feeding therapy
  • Written Goals and Objectives