Breakfast at TnD’s

Feeding Workshop

Join us for a private breakfast with an occupational therapist to address picky eating. This “workshop” is really a family meal that takes place at the table, following playtime in our OT gym. We believe in the importance of play, enjoyment, and socialization when it comes to mealtime.

We invite 1 family per session – your child & a maximum of 4 relatives/caregivers – in order to more accurately customize the experience to your child and family. We encourage family involvement!

Parents/caregivers will bring the meal of their choice, as well as utensils that your child uses, to make the experience more personalized to your family’s lifestyle.

During the workshop, we will provide education on what to look for and how to promote oral-motor skills, fine motor skills, appropriate posture, sensory engagement, and positive socialization during mealtime.

We will address difficulties related to smell, taste, temperature, texture, and appearance of food, while promoting healthy eating patterns and behaviors through play and a family meal.

General Session Details

  • We are following CDC guidelines and regulations.
  • Sessions are designed and led by an occupational therapist.
  • Our therapists, students, and staff are all required to wear masks and gloves.
  • All equipment is sanitized before each class

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