Sensorimotor Group

Through cooperative play and sensory exploration, children will work on strengthening their fine and gross motor skills, self-regulation, praxis, expanding language skills, and social skills.

Classes are focused on appropriate interaction with same-age peers, conversational and problem-solving skills, sharing, and turn-taking.

  • Sensory Processing and Self Regulation
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Motor Development
  • Social Skills

General Class Details

  • All classes are limited to 5 children following CDC guidelines and regulations.
  • All classes are designed and will be led by an occupational therapist with OT student’s assistance.
  • Our therapists, students, and staff are all required to wear masks.
  • All equipment is sanitized before each class.
  • Each week your class will meet for 1 hour.
  • All materials and supplies included.
  • $210 per month.

Not sure if OT is the service your child needs?

We’re offering a free 30-minute screening appointment at our Irvine clinic. If you are interested, please contact us to schedule your screening appointment.