Schedule an Occupational Therapy Screening

Occupational therapy screening and evaluations are individually planned to meet the needs of the child.

The screening process is usually the first step in identifying of a potential child need and is done by a licensed and registered pediatric occupational therapist. A typical screening appointment can last between 1-3 hours.

An occupational therapy screening assists in understanding your child’s sensory behaviors by observing the child’s skills and input from caregivers.

As caregivers, you will be the initial source of information regarding your child’s development and the nature of the concerns.

During the screening appointment, the therapist will meet with you and the child. At the end of the screening, the therapist will provide a screening report based on the observations and data collected.

Please use the form below to schedule an initial screening. If you’d like to know more about the screening process, please read our evaluations and consultation page or contact us.

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