What Clients Are Saying About Our Pediatric Therapy Services

Happy Family Reviews
I’m so thankful I found the Tumble n’ Dots team. My son is enrolled in Tumble and Learn program and in individual speech therapy lessons. It has only been 3 months and we have seen tremendous progress. He has become very social, confident, respectful and empathetic. His motor and language skills have exploded. When we do activities during the weekends I’m impressed at how fearless he has become. Avital, Angeline and Christina are amazing! They are a tremendous support for our family and we feel blessed to have our son enrolled in their program!
The best feeding therapy program in Orange County. The team is amazing and helped us tremendously with both kids. Very professional and highly recommended.
My 3.5 year old has been going to Tumble and Dots for somewhere around a year and half now! He has sensory processing sensitivities that were making it hard for us to live our daily lives. We found Tumble N Dots after going to a couple other clinics and feeling so defeated. I cannot speak more highly of everyone in this place. I trust them wholeheartedly. My son is a covid kid and they were the first people I ever left him with (other than my husband). They care so deeply for the wellbeing of the children and families that are apart of the clinic. Avital and all her therapists are incredible! I've cried in Avital's arms when I was overwhelmed and my son has seen several therapists there. He currently sees Avital and Angeline several times a week and he has never been happier or thrived more! We are so grateful for Tumble and Dots!!!
I’ve been taking my son to Tumble N’ Dots for about 18 months and I can’t even describe his improvement. Avital made a huge progress with him, one we couldn’t even imagine that will happen at such short period of time. He loves going to meet Avital and he doesn’t feel like it’s a “therapeutic session”. The team is highly professional, kind and helpful!
We took our daughter to Tumble N' Dots for a feeding therapy evaluation and were impressed immediately by the professionalism, attention to details and the approach taken by the OT, Ms Lichelle Fernando, and the team. We were able to see noticeable improvements with our daughter within couple of sessions and have seen significant improvements with each subsequent session. The interactive and gentle approach they are taking makes it an activity that our daughter looks forward to attending. With realistic and practical instructions given to us as parents by Ms Lichelle, we've been able to help our daughter continue her exercises at home with ease. We highly recommend Lichelle and Tumble N' Dots!
Our son has had feeding issues since he started solids and we were at a loss for what to do. Our pediatrician recommended that we start OT for him. Our son has been in love with Kelly since the moment he met her. In a matter of months, he's made huge strides in eating, has tried a number of new foods that I could never get him to eat on my own, and is showing an interest in food that I never imagined was possible. Kelly is extremely patient and provides substantive feedback after each session that allows us to continue the therapy at home. On top of that, Avital and the rest of the crew have always been so accommodating when our son has been sick or we've had schedule changes. In short, I highly recommend this place.
Wonderful place for my son with severe autism. Avital has helped him so much. She is very attentive to his needs. We have been coming to Tumble N Dots for over a year. We took a break during Covid but came back after. My son was so happy to see Avital and the staff.
The most amazing place for kids! My 5 years old son had some difficulty behaviors that I didn’t know how to help him. I heard about this place from a good friend and I’m so happy!! I saw a change after 3 sessions with Avital ! Finally he is happier and got confidence. This is a very special and amazing place
This clinic has done wonders for our lil one with Autism level 2. Their curriculum and commitment by far is the best compared to all the other clinics we've been. They never give up and they find ways to help encourage your child to engage. In such a short amount of time we've seen how hard their team works with our child and we wouldn't trade it for anything. Although Tumble N Dots specialize in OT they also partner with ST to help our munchkin with her speech difficulties. We love Tumble N Dots and we will be forever grateful for all that they've done in helping our child flourish. I personally feel emotional writing this because we found them during a time wherein other clinics and therapist were unable to support our child. They were heaven sent during a very difficult time. Thank you for never giving up and for being there for our family. We wish Ms. Avital and her team nothing but the very best! We love you guys.
We have been coming here for almost a year and it is always a preferred activity for our boys. It regulates their bodies and emotions and we can see a shift in behavior during session. The entire staff is compassionate and kind and has all of the resources to deal with whatever is happening and we have 100% confidence in the team. Tumble N Dots adds a tremendous value to our whole family.
My 8 years old son with ADHD has been coming to Tumble N' Dots for the past 7 months. We were seen at a different clinic before coming here but didn't feel like we're progressing anywhere. His progress is amazing in the past months. His school teachers also notice his progress. We are very happy!
Avital is the best pediatric OT I have ever met. My kids all benefited tremendously from her vast experience and knowledge. She is passionate and understanding, loving and caring, and explains to the parents about the treatment process and goals. My kids love coming here!
As a mom to a beautiful nine-year-old autistic boy, I highly recommend the OT services at Tumble n’ Dots. We’ve been going to Avital and Danielle for over a year and have found them to be some of the best OT’s in the business!! I also feel incredibly safe from Covid as they do a wonderful job of cleaning, sanitizing and ensuring that everyone wears a mask while consistently keeping the environment very clean.
I started with Avital with my first son who's on the spectrum. Then my typical daughter started therapy and now my 19mo old son is in the hands of this amazing, talented woman. Her passion for OT and love for my children has driven them to succeed, checking off each goal one by one. I'm SO grateful to have met her. She is truly so skilled and so full of knowledge. Before my son was diagnosed I knew nothing about OT or sensory integration and just by watching their sessions I've learned so much and am able to incorporate it at home. Our goal as parents is to find trustworthy, knowledgeable people when it comes to treating our littles... but with this company you get more than that. You get passion and pure talent and a company that TRULY cares about the future of your child. They know where your child's limits are and push them to their fullest capability. It's so AMAZING to sit back as a parent and watch your babies blossom. We LOVE Tumble n Dots! Thank you Avital for making such an impact on my entire family. Forever grateful. 🙂
Avital from Tumble N' Dots is hands down the best OT you will find! Our son has improved tremendously since we started receiving services from her. She is dedicated, warm and very professional. Avital make the sessions so fun and interactive for the kids. Our son LOVES going to the clinic. We highly recommend her!
Avital Shuster has been working with our son for a year, & words cannot do justice for how great our experience has been. If you have a child that needs any sensory development assistance, this is the place & she is a wonderful Occupational Therapist. Of all his activities, going to a session with Avital is his absolute favorite. The growth & development he has gone through these past months is amazing! From last Oct to now, he is having a completely different experience in school (turned a 180!) & also so much better at home. Hands down one of the best decision we have made as parents so far. All that being said we have to give credit to Mrs. Danielle Kelso, Kindergarten Teacher at Salem Lutheran in Orange, for suggesting we look into a sensory assessment. So grateful that we are experiencing success!
We came to Tumble N' Dots with my son for private OT sessions. Avital was great with him. She was so professional, playful, and had tons of patience for him. We also got to do a few community sessions at my son's school and at the park, to help him generalize his skills. Avital was always happy and available to consult with my son's teachers and to answer any questions I have.
Avital is amazing. Her support and care is truly remarkable. We feel so lucky and blessed that we found her. She truly wants each child to succeed and goes above and beyond. The clinic looks like a big playground with loads of swings and equipment. I love it!
Avital was helping my daughter with occupational therapy and we had a great experience not only with motor skills improvement but also in meeting an amazing person with plenty of experience and patience.
The best OT ever! My son coming here its like heaven for him!! Avital the owner super professional, she loves kids ands have so much patience. In two visits my son start to walk and got stronger, she is always available for any question and always smile. This is just a blessing for us. Highly recommend!