School Collaborations

At Tumble N’ Dots, we offer collaborations with schools in our community.

We work and collaborate with teachers, aides, and school staff. 

Helping children of varying difficulties, diagnoses, including autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, motor development delays, and sensory processing challenges.  Our therapy services benefit the academic and social needs of children through collaboration with teachers and school staff who work hard to care for your child. 

The following services are offered:

  • Occupational Therapy Screenings
  • Speech Therapy Screenings
  • Parent Workshops
  • Teacher Workshops
  • & more! We customize to your school’s needs.

If you are a school administrator or a teacher interested in our services, please contact us to set up and get more information.

If you have any concerns regarding your student’s sensorimotor development, or have questions about our pediatric therapy services, please fill out the form.

Contact Us for School Collaborations

What is school-based treatment and how can it benefit students?

School-based treatment is skilled, individualized therapeutic services designed to meet your student’s needs within the classroom to support optimal academic learning and social engagement. Therapy within the school offers both convenience for the family and an opportunity for therapists and educators to engage in efficient collaboration and provide your student with holistic services as a team. 

We offer speech, physical, and occupational therapy services provided both on an individual basis and within the classroom setting depending on your student’s unique needs. Our therapists work with teachers and school staff to establish goals and implement therapeutic strategies tailored to your student’s need within the classroom to promote learning, social participation, and academic growth.

If you think your student can benefit from school-based therapeutic treatment, please contact our office to learn more about how we can help meet your child’s academic and social goals at school!