Animal Assisted Therapy

What is Animal-assisted Therapy?

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) incorporates specifically selected and trained animals into goal-directed therapeutic intervention plans that are designed to promote improvement in physical, cognitive, psychosocial, behavioral, and/or emotional functioning. Here at Tumble N’ Dots, the process is guided by Dr. Phoebe Yam, OTD, OTR/L, CPDT-KA, C-HAIS, a licensed Doctor of Occupational Therapy, dog trainer, and human-animal interaction specialist who has over 5 years of experience working with a dog professionally selected, socialized, trained, and evaluated for participation in AAT.

Potential Benefits of AAT

When something is interesting and meaningful, a person is more likely to engage. For those who enjoy dogs, the incorporation of AAT into traditional occupational therapy sessions can facilitate improved attendance, participation, and interaction, which leads to progress in typical occupational therapy (OT) goal areas.  

  • Improved sensory integration
  • Improved self-regulation
  • Improved fine and gross motor skills
  • Improved motor planning
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved participation in ADLs & IADLs
  • Improvement in communication
  • Development of social-emotional thinking skills
  • Increased ability to recognize emotions
  • Building rapport and trust
  • Positive relationship development
  • Improved problem-solving
  • Improvement in cooperation and motivation
  • Increase in attention and impulse control
  • Improvement in organization of behavior

Animal Assisted Therapy in Irvine, CA

Our Specialized Animal Assisted Therapy Approach

Our AAT program serves children who display any of the following sensory-based behaviors:

Our AAT approach is all about creating a warm and inclusive environment where kids can thrive. If you’re looking for a holistic and enjoyable therapy experience for your child in Irvine, CA, look no further than our pediatric therapy clinic. Together with our therapy animals, we’re here to support your child’s growth and development, one paw at a time. 🐾

Get To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about our Animal Assisted Therapy program? Here are some common questions and answers to help you understand how our specialized approach can benefit your child.