Feeding Therapy

Sensory integration is a concept that describes the process of receiving and organizing sensory information from our bodies and the environment.  Difficulties related to how a child processes sensory input (smell, taste, temperature, texture, and appearance) can have a serious impact on eating patterns and behaviors.

Our feeding therapy program serves children who display any or all of the following sensory-based behaviors:

  • Avoids certain foods based on textures or colors
  • Eats less than 15 foods
  • Refuses entire food groups
  • Has behavioral challenges or meltdowns at meals

We offer parents support for mealtime routines at home to encourage a positive experience with food. Our facility is equipped with a kitchen and dining area dedicated to feeding therapy.

What to expect during a mealtime treatment session:

Did you know that there are many steps involved in eating? The mealtime experience is dynamic and complex and involves many skills including self-regulation. 

During a mealtime treatment session, the use of sensory-rich activities prior to and during eating will be incorporated to promote mealtime success.  Your child will be encouraged to smell, touch, and play with foods in efforts to develop a readiness to tolerate different types of foods.  Any contact with food is a step in the right direction!  Eating is aimed to be a pleasurable and fun experience, as foods will be progressively introduced into your child’s diet.  Developing new eating skills is a process that will take time and practice in therapy and at home.

If your child is an extremely picky eater or a problem feeder, we can help. Schedule a free consult call with a feeding therapist or Contact us for more information.